This page shows several items of my pencil sharpener collection.
For the most part they are sharpeners of various sorts and
materials that appear in six-item-series.
Many are of stone or wood, but I also have several metal or
bronze sharpeners in different sizes and shapes in my collection.
For a complete view, look at a PICTURE of my collection.
As you can see in this photograph, I am surrounded by only
a few hundred pencil sharpeners.
There are too many pieces to all fit into one photo.

sharp_6 sharp_7 sharp_8 sharp_15 sharp_10


sharp_13 sharp_14 sharp_9 sharp_16 sharp_17

History of the pencil sharpener.......
For as far as I can tell, the first sharpener originated in 1900
In those days, they were large sharpeners that were placed on the tops of desks.
Especially the JUPITER was favoured by Offices and Companies.
Around the World War II they were equipped with a razor.
Since they were for daily use, they were very small and easy to manufacture.
Nowadays, they can be bought in several sizes, made of various materials
and in a large range of prices, but mostly they are made of plastic and
come from China, Japan, or Korea.

From a newspaper advertisement about the JUPITER in 1910

  1. Every pencil, however common, is sharpened to an immaculately fine
    point without breaking during the process.
  2. The use is so simple and harmless, that even a child can instantly
    use the machine.
  3. Any pencil, thick or thin, short or long, can be sharpened.
  4. The JUPITER is equipped with a reservoir for the wood shavings and pencil
    lead so that neither finger nor table are soiled.
  5. The JUPITER is incredibly fast, with just a bit of practice 80 pencils can
    be sharpened in 10 minuten, without breaking a single tip.
  6. The razor lasts up to 4000 tips before it needs to be whetted.
  7. The JUPITER is amazingly sturdy and is virtuously impossible to break.
  8. For drawing purposes the pencil can be sharpened to a very fine point
    wheres the blunter tip required by clerical work can also be applied.
  9. An indispensable machine for every Drawingroom or Office.
  10. All of this for one price...........f 10.80

Some information about my collection.

It contains about 300 bronze, 2200 plastic, 475 wooden, 1100 stone and 200 rubber pieces.
My oldest dates back to 1918, the most expensive cost 175 guilders.
The largest piece measures 40 cm, and the smallest 0.5 cm.
I have a special room in my house for my collection.
My wish is to one day open a sharpener museum, but it's only a wish.......

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