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May I introduce myself, my name is Gemma Dickmann
and I'm a collector of pencil sharpeners.
My collection contains about 5200 different pencil sharpeners
Since hardly any new sharpeners are available in my country,
I would like to come in contact with fellow collectors
to trade sharpeners with me.

sharp_2 sharp_1 sharp_3
..... these are really pencil sharpeners .....

Personal information......

Gemma Dickmann

This is a picture of myself when I was a little bit younger.
I live in Holland where the windmills turn and everyone
walks on wooden shoes. (believe it or not)
I work as female postman in my home town Doetinchem.
My collection is one of the greatest in my country.
About 28 years ago my cousin gave me my first sharpener.
That was the beginning of my collection.
In 1987 I started a pencil sharpener club called PUNTGAAF.
At this moment the club has 125 members, which 120 from Holland and 5 from Belgium.
They all collect sharpeners : some specialize in wooden or plastic ones
while other prefer metal or stone.
Other members are generally interested in all types of sharpeners.
We frequently exchange sharpeners or visit each other.
We also inform each other about any new sharpeners as they appear.
Since there are no books or catalogs about sharpeners in Holland, all replies are welcome.

Die-Cast Miniature, Metal Sharpeners......

The first pencil sharpener of this characteristics where made in
Ibi de Alicante (Spain) by PLAY-ME. In a few years more EMB-MARTI
had copied the idea. But ten years ago these two factories closed.
Now they are made in Hong-Kong and China,
but with more plastic on it.
There are several metal sharpeners that I'm missing :

If you think you can help me with some of these sharpeners,
please E-mail me.

An old Dutch saying is...
Better one sharpener in my hand, then ten sharpeners somewhere else. (joke)

Something about the inventor of the pencil sharpener:
In 1828 Bernard Lassimone ( a mathematician in Limoges ) ask for a patent ( French patent 2444 ) on an object to sharpen pencils. Other French patents - Mayet in 1842 - pecaut in 1852 and Rottger in 1866. And in 1847 Therry des Estwaux invented the pencil sharpener.

different pencil sharpeners
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